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Who are we…

DeWolfPact was founded by Roland de Wolf, a visionary professional with a broad experience in both the administrative and supervisory functions in the non profit. DeWolfPact makes an important contribution to the renewal of the Dutch healthcare system, especially on the borderline of living (real estate in a market-friendly environment), the care (as much as possible using the regular care facilities and the own strength of people and their neighbours), and the treatment (high professional quality focused on as much and long-term participation in society). DeWolfPact has a great deal of realisation that leads to execution power in all projects that are shaped from this vision. DeWolfPact aims to achieve more quality at lower costs by introducing new forms of living and care, but especially to realise.

For whom...

Public and private organisations, central and decentralised governments and professionals who want to deal with housing and care for vulnerable people in our society. Finding solutions how to deal with real estate, care and treatment in a market of shrinking budgets and grants; and increasing demands for quality and safety.

For what…

  • Advice

    Specialised advice on complex issues in the areas of real estate in relation to vulnerable people. How to realise and develop within market-based concepts in an affordable, responsible and sustainable manner. Advice on how to provide your organisation in this market as Supervisory and Management. What innovative possibilities are there to help organisations step by step towards change in real estate, business management, HRM, quality and ICT? Laying a link between an innovative vision and realisation.

  • Accompaniment and interim work

    In the areas of Management, Operations, HRM, Quality & Innovation and ICT & Real Estate we provide guidance and interim work. From the vision of DeWolfPact, organisations are shaped to achieve a higher quality of life with less resources. Often by creating solutions for (obsolete) real estate and the physical environment of the target group to achieve a market-consistent and steady solution. Step by step, new opportunities will be created where work in another environment is realised. For the whole process from renovation of the property (mass studies, structural plans, investments and financial accounts, building guidance and management) to guidance and implementation of employee transformation in order to work in a new environment from a different perspective.

  • Executive coaching

    On the one hand, through so-called INSPIRATION-SESSIONS for supervisors, governance and middle-level and, on the other hand, one-on-one coaching at the level of control and management, DeWolfPact provides such tools that effectively and efficiently develop their own strength.


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Roland de Wolf

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Royal Rustique


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Roland de Wolf



Nieuwe Uitleg 36

2514BR Den Haag

The Netherlands

t: +31 (0)6 515 30 615



Royal Rustique


Project “Learning Evaluation” Nolenshaghe en Domus Nostra, Den Haag

In 2014, the Ministry of Health and the Health insurer CZ started a project in which Nolenshage and Domus Nostra nursing homes were divided into housing, care and treatment. A concept whereby the client retains more self-control and responsibility and care support is provided based on the needs of the resident. The concept must provide an affordable way of providing a high level of care, whereby living through (social) rent, care by extramural subsidizing from the WLZ (Law for Long Term Care) and treatment by the ZVW (Care Insurance Law) is funded. In an equal relationship between client / family, caregivers / volunteer and professional, the client's question is given, with the emphasis on maintaining what can be done. The project is connected to Prof. Dr. Ir. Roland Friele and Prof. Dr. Nico van Meeteren and the project is supervised by TNO.

Realization new building Nolenshaghe en Domus Nostra, Den Haag

As a member of the Board of Directors, responsibility for the realization of the new building of the Preva nursing home, in which the new nursing home Nolenshage (small-scale housing forms in a larger building) has been realized in the area to be built. It concerns NAH clients (care for both young and old people with not born brain damage), somatic clients, palliative care and a rehabilitation department. There is a restaurant and first line practice in the building. In addition, a new housing care center for Korsakov clients (high care) was realized. The business case for these projects was based on separation and distinction from residential, care and treatment functions, where living spaces are affordable through social rent, care can be provided by extramural subsidizing from the WLZ (Law for Long Term Care)and medical treatment can be afforded and offered through the Healthcare Insurance.

Realization “Royal Rustique”, Den Haag

In 2009, the Royal Rustique project was realized, a small-scale residential form for heavy target groups (Dementia, Somatic, mentally disabled and not born Brain damage), where living and care are separated. This project has been scientifically supervised and researched for three years by TNO with remarkable outcomes and is a priority in the development of living and care separation and, indeed, shows that for financial care, this is also financially and functionally without quality loss (even with a better quality of life) And lower costs can be realized.

Preparation and realization merger and licensing building Hofwijck, Oegstgeest

As chairman of the Board of Directors, responsible for preparing and obtaining the permits of the college of construction for the new building of the Hofwijck nursing home. Also responsible for the merger with the nursing home Wijckersloot and nursing home Rustenborg in Oegstgeest.

Realization of new building Van Ommeren Park, Wassenaar

As general manager responsible for the purchase of land, the realization of 98 free sector rental housing and a care center with 50 intra-murals (heavy care), as well as the sale of the monumental old nursing home (Johannahuis) in Wassenaar. In accordance with the previous projects, a modern residential complex for elderly people has been realised, with housing, care and treatment available throughout the residential building including WLZ care.

Realisation Care Warranty appartements Maison Gaspard de Coligny, Den Haag

In 2001, care-care homes were realized. Free sector housing, where all forms of intramural care, such as those offered in the neighbouring care home, were also available in homes (now through the so-called VPT or MPT (Full / Modular Package Home-anchored in the WLZ).

Project “Choosing Yourself for Guaranteed Care"”

In 1991, the project "Self-Choosing for Guaranteed Care” started, separating between the housing and care functions in the intramural care center and working with three care-weighted packages (this was granted by the Ministry of Health) and on the other hand, a so-called social security package was offered to home-living elderly people. The former project was scientifically followed for three years by Prof. Dr. Guus Schrijvers (Professor of Health Care University Utrecht) and Prof. Dr. P. Hoeben (Special Professor of Well-being University of Amsterdam). Several publications have come from this. The scientific research was carried out by subsidy from the Ministry of Health. The project has contributed to the final introduction of the separation of care packages within the Law for special diseases (AWBZ)

Project Care Warranty package

In 1990, the development of a so-called service package for self-employed elderly, later called “Care Warranty package”. The purpose of the project was to let the elderly live longer, with the guaranty of a permanent contact person 24/7 and availability of rooms in the care center, causing less care for medical and medical facilities (sense of safety). The project “Care-warranty” have been scientifically investigated by Prof. Dr. Guus Schrijvers (University of Utrecht) together with Drs. Herman Eitjes (Prozorg Office, The Hague). This project received great interest and has been followed widely in the Netherlands but also abroad (USA).


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Roland de Wolf

Roland de Wolf's philosophy and vision always depends on the client's own direction and autonomy, how dependency-dependent it is, and is always based on the highest possible quality of life for the most vulnerable in our society. Focus on "Do what you can" and "Quality over quantity". In particular, the innovation projects under its responsibility, in which the living, care and treatment functions are divided financially and functionally and are always in relation to the neighborhood, neighborhood and environment, and tailored to the needs of the most vulnerable in our society, in which residential buildings Architecturally designed to be suitable for each (vulnerable) target group, but also one to one added to the housing market. With this the projects are value-proof, future-proof and government-resistant.

Gerda Koekoek

As a project coordinator and management adviser, Gerda has built up many years of experience in the field of welfare and elderly care. It helps organizations and entrepreneurs to translate and concretize their ideas and wishes or strategic choices in project plans. It supports them in realizing their specific and innovative housing and care projects. In doing so, she helps to focus on achieving the goals, with an eye for the process and a good balance between task and human focus.

Henk van Bouwhorst

Henk has been working for more than 45 years for the maintenance, renovation and new construction of real estate related to healthcare. He has extensive experience in setting up planning multi-year maintenance budgets for nursing and nursing homes and controlling them. As architectural director and adviser, he has already supervised many new construction projects (up to max. 40 mil) from the first pen region up to and including the financial contribution. He is familiar with law and regulations on architectural (new construction) projects and has good knowledge of construction methods, materials application and electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Passion for your work, discipline and reliability are a standard concept for me, but I expect that from another as well.

Jacqueline van der Kroft

Jacqueline has many years of experience as HR manager in the elderly care. As a sparring partner for managers, she contributes at strategic level and advises in the field of human resource management. During her career as HR Manager, she has made a significant contribution to the professionalisation of HRM in healthcare organizations. She has also accompanied several reorganisations at which, on the one hand, she is keen in monitoring agreed procedures and, on the other hand, she sees challenge of providing new opportunities for employees in a changing organization. It is highly important for the development of employees, with the employer having a stimulating and facilitating role, and the employee's commitment and self-responsibility are expected. In the ever changing environment in which organizations are located, it is important that both employers and employees move along continuously, so that organization and qualities of employees remain sustainable.

Handoko Suwandono

Handoko, as project manager, has conducted various IT projects in the field of ICT implementation and online product developments for various within profit and non profit organisations. He advises and guides clients in daily operational processes and the realization of shared goals. He is closely involved in all steps in the process in order to realize success in accordance with the desired customer specifications. He guides customers from a to z, in which expectations management, management, cooperation and coordination take central stage. He closely monitors the scope, time and budget of projects. He is in control of the business and is well-versed in managing complex IT projects. In addition to the traditional project management method, he also has experience with the Scrum approach, for which he is certified.

IBAN: NL84 KNAB 0255 750242

Btw-nr: NL091108767B03

KvK: 67829848

Terms and Conditions